Together make them

It is our collective responsibility to be able to realize a better life
for them. Give what we can to make them happier.

Why with Us

We Work For Helping Each Other


With full responsibility and humanity we do this to help others and be useful


All assistance is distributed in accordance with the objectives and achievements that have been obtained.


All completed campaigns will be audited by trusted auditors and always in one foundation bank account.

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Sharing Box for Lunch

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Routine donation of spare change

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Public kitchen

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Sometimes we don't realize that the little things we have, mean a lot to others around us.

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Flood Hits a Village

Terbit : 4 Desember 2023
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This is

Our Community

First Step

Initially, we saw the great disaster that occurred in 2004 when the Tsunami hit Indonesia and several other parts of the country. The disaster was unavoidable but what followed was truly inspiring.

What really impressed me were the people who volunteered to do whatever they could to alleviate the suffering of the victims.

Providing assistance can be in many ways, it can be in the form of energy, thoughts and of course the necessities of life.

So it would be even better if a positive community can be formed that can help others in disaster conditions or not with a better organization.


It turns out that there are many more small things we can do to help those around us. Not only helping during disasters or calamities, but unfortunate circumstances also happen to people who may be close to our lives.

See the poverty rate and school-age children who drop out of school are still high. This makes us able to move actively to help them.

Humanitarian movements for them to be empowered, have skills so that they can lift their family’s economy.

It is important to give them the provision of independence so that they can form a new community that is useful and inspiring around them.

This is our community engaged in the path of humanity helping those who need a helping hand.

Solidarity without borders in the name of humanity.

It is our hope that we are getting bigger. Holding hands with each other to help what we are able to give to those who have not been touched by help.

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